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Gaggia Classic

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Descaling should be done, at minimum, on a bimonthly basis using the product recommended by the manufacturer. Watch our video to see the correct procedure for descaling your machine.


How To Descale a Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Grouphead Cleaning

The grouphead should be taken apart on a monthly basis to remove scale buildup, remove coffee residues, and improve shot flavor.


How to Clean Gaggia Classic Brew Group


Backflushing is the process used to clean out the shower screen, brew group, and three-way valve. The cleaner will remove the old coffee oils and deposits, as well as prevent coffee from building up on the shower screen.


How To Backflush a Gaggia Classic

Boiler Tear-Down

For deep cleaning and maintenance of the Classic boiler, watch our video on how to perform a full tear-down. Get the job done right in thirty minutes.


How To Clean and Rebuild a Gaggia Aluminum Boiler

Steam Wand Cleaning

Steam wands and nozzle attachments should be cleaned daily once the machine is finished for the day. Milk residues quickly build up on steam wands and frothing nozzles, so it is important to keep these clean to prevent blockages from forming.


How to Clean a Steam Wand

Replacing Group Gasket

The group gasket will typically need to be replaced about every six months to a year. It is not necessary to replace the gasket until leaking at the grouphead occurs, but it is good to have a gasket on hand since the machine cannot be used with a broken gasket.


How to Clean Gaggia Classic Brew Group

Recommended Cleaning Products

The compatible descaling products for this machine are either Gaggia Decalcifier or Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler. The best product for cleaning grouphead components and filter baskets is a backflushing powder like Urnex Cafiza.


Cleaning Portafilter and Baskets