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Welcome to the Whole Latte Love
Online Support Library!

The Whole Latte Love Wiki strives to bring all of our technical expertise and coffee know-how into one convenient place that anyone can use. Here, you will find machine descriptions, basic usage instructions, troubleshooting tips, machine manuals and diagrams, hardware specifications, and coffee terminology and how-to’s.

We're always looking for ways to help you better. Take a look at our new and growing Tech Support Portal. Use this to send in a Tech Support Ticket with all the information we may need, and we will get you back to brewing sooner.

We welcome you to visit our website at for more information about us, or our already information rich Community Page or Youtube Channel.

Improving and expanding our content is a continual process that helps us evolve, not only in the amount of information that is available, but also in the way it is presented. Please visit here often. We are constantly adding to and revising this comprehensive knowledge-base of all things coffee as part of our enduring focus on our customers’ needs, and our commitment to supporting a community that truly believes in “Latte Love.”

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Tip of the Month

How to Screw Up a Latte + Barista Commandments

Starting with two important "Barista Commandments," you will learn common ways a latte gets screwed up. Marc from shows you how tall paper cups, overheated milk and other problems can ruin a latte. When you know how a latte goes bad, you will know how to have one that's good.