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Credited with developing the removable brew group found in the first domestic super automatic espresso machine, Saeco has a continuing tradition of innovation. Saeco has become a world leader in the manufacture of espresso machines. Saeco excels in quality, design, and ease of use. Saeco super-automatic machines are built to achieve the expertise of a trained barista with a simple touch of a button. In 2012 the Saeco brand of domestic espresso machines was certified by the Italian Tasters Association.

Saeco is also credited with being the first brand to pair espresso machines with smartphone devices. Select machines are capable of brewing customized drinks from a phone or tablet. The Saeco app allows you to adjust strength, coffee length, temperature, and taste. They have also introduced other improvements to the super-automatic industry such as the cappuccinatore automatic milk frother, aroma pre-brewing system, smart grinders assemblies, and auto-frothing carafes.