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Proper machine maintenance is critical to proper machine functionality. Most machine failures are caused by a lack of cleaning and maintenance. This is vital, as many manufacturer warranties do not cover cleaning/maintenance related breakdowns. To avoid this, it is imperative to keep a regular maintenance schedule. Consult pp. 35-42 in your machine manual for fully detailed cleaning procedures, including descaling, carafe cleaning, and brew group cleaning, as well as the recommended products for machine maintenance. Listed below is a suggested maintenance rundown for most super-automatic espresso machines:

Machine Maintenance


Descaling the machine should be done on a bimonthly basis using the product recommended by the manufacturer. Descaling is still required even if reverse osmosis, distilled, or zero water is being used. For pre-2015 machines, refer to your manual for specific descaling instructions instructions. For post-2015 machines, follow the video or PDF below:

Machines manufactured AFTER 2015, please refer to the attached PDF.
Descaling Instructions AFTER 2015.

Brew Unit

The brew unit of the machine should be removed on a weekly basis and rinsed off with cold water. Cold water must be used because hot water can wash away the lubricant that coats the moving parts of the brew unit. It is also important to use plain water; detergents and soaps should not be used. While the brew unit is removed, the brew unit chamber should be wiped down with a moist cloth to remove excess grounds and coffee residues.

A complete disassembly, cleaning, and lubrication of the brew unit should be done every 500 cups or every 6 months, whichever comes first. A food safe silicone-based lubricant should be used, such as food grade Petrol-Gel.

Steam Wand Cleaning

Steam wands and nozzle attachments should be cleaned daily, after the machine is finished for the day. Milk residues quickly build up in steam wands and frothing nozzles, so it is important to keep these clean to prevent blockages from forming.

Recommended Cleaning Products

The best descaling product for this machine is Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler. The suggested tablets for running brew unit cleaning cycles are the Gaggia Coffee Clean Tablets or Urnex Full Circle Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets.