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Milk Island Maintenance

Manual Disassembly & Cleaning

The carafe of the milk island should be manually disassembled for cleaning at the end of each day that it is used. Instructions for disassembling the carafe for manual cleaning can be found on p. 16 of the milk island manual.

Automatic Cleaning

The carafe of the milk island should also be cleaned on a weekly basis with Rinza, which is a milk residue remove. Fill the carafe halfway with water and add a tablespoon of Rinza cleaner. Run this solution as if you are frothing milk. Empty out the solution, rinse the carafe out, and repeat the process with just plain water. Rinse the carafe again.

Recommended Cleaning Products

The automated carafe cleaning cycle requires the use of a cleaning solution intended for removing milk residues. The recommended product for this unit is Rinza.