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Milk Carafe Maintenance

Milk Carafe Maintenance Steps

Automatic Cleaning Cycle

The automatic carafe cleaning cycle for this machine should be completed on a weekly basis. It is important to keep the carafe clean, in order for the carafe to function properly and produce froth. Unsanitary milk residues can build up in the carafe if it is not maintained properly. A full carafe cleaning cycle can be activated through the machine's maintenance menu.

Manual Disassembly & Cleaning

While the automatic cleaning cycle does remove most residues, it is not a complete cleaning of the carafe. For more thorough cleaning, the carafe should be pulled apart on a daily basis after you are finished making latte drinks for the day. Please see the video below for instructions on how to complete the manual carafe cleaning. The machine featured in the video is different, but the process for disassembling the carafe is identical. There is also a diagram of the carafe disassembly on pp.43-45 of the machine manual.

Recommended Cleaning Products

The automated carafe cleaning cycle requires the use of a cleaning solution intended for removing milk residues. The recommended cleaning solution for the milk carafe is Rinza.