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Bezzera BZ13 DE

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Proper machine maintenance is critical for machine function. Most machine failures are caused by lack of cleaning and many manufacturer warranties do not cover cleaning related breakdowns, so it is important to keep a regular maintenance schedule. Listed below is a suggested maintenance schedule for most Prosumer espresso machines:


Backflushing is the single most important cleaning procedure for Prosumer style machines. It is the best way to prevent scale buildup in the system. Backflushing should be done at least once a week with the recommended backflushing powder. The video on the right goes over a general backflushing procedure which applies to most Prosumer machines.


Maintaining Your Espresso Machine - Backflushing


Single boiler heat exchange machines can be descaled by the consumer. Since descaling is not the primary cleaning method for prosumer style machines it does not need to be done frequently. Descaling can be done on a 3-4 month basis, or whenever the machine starts to display flow issues. If hard water is being used in the machine, or the machine gets heavy usage, the machine may need to be descaled more frequently. The video on the right describes the process for descaling a single boiler heat-exchange machine.


How to Descale a Heat Exchange Machine

Grouphead Cleaning

The grouphead should be taken apart on a monthly basis to remove scale buildup, remove coffee residues, and improve shot flavor.


How To Clean E61 Brew Group Mushroom, Jet and Top Valve

Steam Wand Cleaning

The steam wand should be cleaned daily once the machine is finished for the day. Milk residues quickly build up on the steam wand, so it's important to keep it clean to prevent blockages from forming.


How to Clean a Steam Wand

Recommended Cleaning Products

The best product for backflushing, cleaning grouphead components, and cleaning filter baskets is a backflushing powder like Urnex Cafiza. Yes


Cleaning Portafilter and Baskets