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Gaggia Baby Twin

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Recommended Cleaning Products

The best product for backflushing, cleaning grouphead components, and cleaning filter baskets is a backflushing powder like Urnex Cafiza.


Cleaning Portafilter and Baskets


Backflushing is the process used to clean out the shower screen and brew group. The cleaner will remove the old coffee oils and deposits, as well as prevent coffee from building up on the shower screen.


Maintaining Your Espresso Machine - Backflushing

Steam Wand Cleaning

After each use, the steam wand should be wiped down, and then purged by running a few short bursts of steam. Make sure that there is no milk left on the wand. The steam wand should be cleaned daily once the machine is finished for the day. Milk residues quickly build up on the steam wand, so it's important to keep it clean to prevent blockages from forming.


How to Clean a Steam Wand

Group Head Cleaning

The group head should be taken apart and cleaned on a monthly basis. You can use Urnex Cafiza to clean the group head, which can be purchased here. Instructions for cleaning the group head are in the video on the right.

How to Clean a Gaggia Group Head


Descaling should be done on a minimum bimonthly basis using the product recommended by the manufacturer. The video on the right shows how to descale a semi automatic espresso machine

How to Descale a Semi-Auto Espresso Machine