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Gaggia Brera

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On Descaling

To keep your super-automatic in tip top shape, it's important to perform regular cleaning and maintenance functions, and descaling is a majorly important one to ensure any machine has a long life slinging your favorite brews.

To automatically descale your Gaggia Brera, follow these instructions or watch the video on the right to see how it's done.


How to Automatically Descale a Gaggia Brera

It's important to note that current Gaggia Breras use the descaling instructions above, rather than the instructions listed in your user manual. Breras produced prior to 2015 will use the instructions listed in the user manual.

Lubricate the Brew Unit

The brew unit brews, as the name suggests, but, just as importantly, it's also responsible for tamping ground coffee into a consistent puck. Inside the unit are two tracks which should be lubricated every six months or so for best results in the cup. Watch the video on the right to get the low down on food safe lubricant and how to keep the brew unit functioning smoothly.

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Espresso Machine Maintenance -- How To Lubricate A Brew Unit

Deep Cleaning and Lubricating the Brew Unit

The brew unit should be deep cleaned and lubricated every 500 cups or once a year, whichever comes first. The brew unit can be cleaned with Urnex Cafiza, which can be purchased here. You can use Vaseline, or generic petroleum gel as a lubricant.


How to Deep Clean a Gaggia Brera Brew Unit

How to Drain Your Boiler

The video on the right shows how to drain the boiler in you Gaggia Brera. If your machine is to go unused for more than three or four weeks, you should drain your boiler. Also, if your machine may be exposed to freezing temperatures, or you plan to move or ship your machine, it is critical to drain your boiler to prevent damage to the machine.


How to Drain the Boiler on a Gaggia Brera

Cleaning and Technical Servicing

A Empty the dregs drawer When indicated
B Empty the drip tray As necessary
C Clean the water tank Weekly
D Clean the coffee bean hopper As necessary
E Clean the casing As necessary
F Clean the brewing unit Every time the coffee bean hopper is filled or weekly
G Lubricate the brewing unit After 500 dispensing cycles or when the grease is no longer present on the brewing unit
H Clean the unit housing Weekly
I Descaling When indicated

Descaling Cycle Frequency

Hardness Water Hardness Without Water Filter With Water Filter
1 Soft water (up to 7°dH) Approx. every 3 months / 120 litres Approx. every 6 months / 240 litres
2 Medium water (7° - 14°dH) Approx. every 2 months / 90 litres Approx. every 4 months / 180 litres
3 Hard water (15° - 21°dH) Approx. every 6 weeks or 60 litres Approx. every 3 months / 120 litres
4 Very hard water (over 21°dH) Approx. every 4 weeks or 30 litres Approx. every 6 weeks or 60 litres