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ROK Grinder

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Staticky Coffee

The manufacturer has provided the informational video below showing how to dissipate static when grinding. Please note that if the machine is set to a turkish style grind clumping and clinging may be unavoidable.

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ROK Grinder - Dealing With Static

Burr Sticking After Adjustment

The easiest way to check if the adjustment wheel is working is to unwind and then wind it while looking down into the burrs. You should see a gap open and close. If the burr seems stuck when unwinding the adjustment wheel, try jiggling the main turn-handle with beans in the hopper. This normally frees it up. Oily, caramelized, or flavored beans may leave behind sticky residues or cause coffee grinds to clump around these parts; this may be a sign to take the burr assembly apart and remove the coffee buildup.

If the burr is not easily loosened, then the burr may have been over-tightened onto the machine. It is important not to tighten down the adjustment wheel too much. This will cause the burrs to rub against each other, and can cause the inner burr to become stuck on the shaft.

Grinder Arm Falling Off

The arm of the grind is only meant to turn in the clockwise direction. If the arm is turned counter-clockwise it will unthread itself and fall off. If you are left handed simply turning the grinder around will not work, and will cause the grinder arm to unthread itself. Refer the instruction manual for instructions on how to flip the grinding mechanism around for left handed use.

Adjustment Wheel Hole Off Center

The hole of the adjustment wheel may look off center in some cases, but it is the paint that is off center, not the hole itself. After testing several adjustment wheels the threaded hole is always perfectly centered, although the hole in the paint may be slightly off center in some cases. This does not affect functionality at all, and is simply a result of the method used to apply the paint to the wheels.

Burr Not Centered/Inconsistent Grind

If the inner burr looks like it is not centered properly, or the grind is coming out inconsistently, then the burr assembly may need to be realigned.

  1. First check to make sure the new burr key is installed on the machine. The new burr key helps keep the inner burr more tightly centered on the shaft.
  2. It's actually the outer burr which is not centered properly. This can give the illusion of the inner burr being off center.
    1. Loosen the 2 Allen headed grub screws on front and back of the metal hopper using the included allen key; the screws do not need to be fully removed.
    2. Hand tighten the adjustment wheel until the burrs are sitting flush; you will be able to see when they're flush by looking at the bottom of the burr plates by looking below the grinding chamber. The adjustment wheel will also start to give considerable resistance; do not over-tighten.
    3. Tighten the two grub screws back into place, taking care not to over-tighten.
    4. If the burrs still do not look centered try removing the outer burr completely and then reassembling. The outer burr can shift from side to side slightly, so it needs to be centered with the inner burr.