ROK Coffee Grinder

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ROK Grinder

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Unboxing The ROK Grinder

The manufacturer has provided the unboxing video below to demonstrate unboxing the grinder and the essential components that come with the machine.

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ROK Grinder Unboxing

Getting Started

The manufacturer has provided basic usage instructions for the ROK Coffee Grinder.

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ROK Grinder Instructions

Grinder Burr Key Upgrade

An earlier version of the ROK Coffee Grinder used a different burr key, so new burr keys were supplied when these machines shipped out. Machine which were manufactured later come with this burr key already installed. The video below shows how to install the new burr key.


How To Install ROK Grinder Burr Key Replacement

Switching Between Infinite/Stepped

Watch the video on the right to learn how to remove the washer from your ROK Grinder.

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ROK Grinder Washer Removal